Afternoon Success!

Hi all,

We have just finished session 3 at TEDxYSE, and people are enjoying a coffee break before heading back for more amazing speeches.

Session 3 was yet another collection of inspiring and talented social entrepreneurs and innovators. The audience has settled into the conference, and the idea that everyone can create change is being deepened with each speech. TED videos have been sprinkled throughout the day, serving as a powerful reminder that there is a broad community of people committed to original and creative thought. (The most recent TED video watched was of Sir Ken Robinson. Check it out at:

Session 4 will round off the day, featuring Fiona Macaulay, Seaon Shin, Rocco Falconer, Patrick Girard, and Adam and the Couch Potatoes. The Grand Prize Winner of the Ashoka-Staples competition will also be announced – keep posted for exciting details!

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2 Responses to “Afternoon Success!”

  1. it’s amazing loving it!! waiting for our team leader seaon’s speech~~

  2. Ashley Merill 14. Nov, 2010 at 3:06 am

    The energy and electricity coming through this video makes me want to know how it feels to be there in person. If I weren’t from LA I would have come. Can we have one at Stanford or USC, please? Your performer/speaker, Jourdan, was the most fascinating to watch. You could have heard a pin drop. What a pro! I learned so much about how to deliver a talk just from watching him. Thanks!